MusicWealth METAVerse

A Professional & Experienced Management Team. is a smart media technology-based blockchain company in the METAVerse.

Our co-founder and mogul Steven Machat has established licenses with artists, musicians & label owners to provide exclusive music centric NFT collections with sustainability in mind.

Steven Machat
Co-Founder & Visionary

“What’s happening is an almost inevitable intersection of digital technology, music, art and entertainment, the creation of the METAVerse is taking place and we are ready.” says Steven Machat, co-founder of

“NFTs are minted in the METAVerse and will be there forever. If they are re-sold, a royalty is paid to the original artist or owner, a fair, very equitable profit participation that isn’t paid now. NFTs and the blockchain are what the music, art and entertainment industries needed right now“ .

Winston Ojeda Jr.
Co-Founder & Futurist utilizes the latest digital innovations and blockchain to create and transform it’s digital footprint on the METAVerse. “The METAVerse culture is real, and growing… and we are just getting started with Web 3.0” says Winston Ojeda Jr., co-founder of

“Our marketing edge is in the forefront of technology, using digital strategies and our own blockchain developers and insiders to innovate in the NFT multi universe. Digital platforms, mobile devices, social media and gaming are uniting the music, art and entertainment worlds through blockchain, and when we apply sustainability first, we have a winning combination.”

Stay tuned music fans we are about to flip the music universe up-side down.